Ignoring doctors warning “Real Life Barbie with worlds biggest lips” still want to increase the size of her lips

A “Real-Life Barbie” who needs the “world’s greatest and biggest lips” again wants to increase the size of her lips in spite of doctors warning that more operations could kill her.

Andrea Ivanova, from Sofia in Bulgaria, wants bigger lips and boobs
Source: Instagram/@andreaivanova326

Andrea Ivanova, 23, from Bulgaria, additionally plans to increase the size of her breasts, and change her facial highlights to emulate the famous Barbie doll.

Andrea has recently expanded her breast size from a 75C to a 75E cup – yet needs to build her boobs to a H cup. The Bulgarian, who lives in Sofia, accepts she has the “greatest lips on the planet”.

She is putting her mouth through extreme cosmetic intervention to look like a Barbie doll
Source: Instagram/@andreaivanova326

She said: “I already have 25 injections of hyaluronic acid in my lips.”

Anyway that isn’t sufficient for Andrea, who has pledged that nothing will prevent her from increasing her lips size, despite the fact that they are so enormous they almost block her nostrils.

Doctors have warned the 23-year-old against having more procedures
Source: Instagram/@andreaivanova326

Andrea’s doctor who is taking her treatment has cautioned her to focus on any pain in her lips, as future operations might actually be “deadly”.

However, regardless of the dangers – and the regular intricacies that come with having tremendous lips, like eating food – she demands she can’t get enough of the acid jabs.

Her lips are so massive that they block her nostrils
Source: Instagram/@andreaivanova326

Andrea explained: “A few days ago, I went on one lip augmentation procedure. My doctor warned me if my lips hurt or there is a problem to call him immediately because there is a risk of dehydration. So he recommended me to lubricate my lips with moisturizing balms so that nothing fatal happens. But I will continue to enlarge my lips for sure.”

Andrea Ivanova is popular on social media with tens of thousands of fans
Source: Instagram/@andreaivanova326

Besides she needs to change the state of her face and jaw in significant facial remaking a medical procedure.

She further added: “I will soon do new facial procedures, change its shape, make different contours and shape the chin.”

Andrea started her barbie transformation in 2018. Andrea confessed that while studying the German language at Sofia University she was spending $186 per treatment. Anyway, she had lost check of the amount she had gone through throughout the long term.

The Bulgarian regularly posts images of herself alongside Barbie dolls
Source: Instagram/@andreaivanova326

She clarified: “I feel very good and very happy with my new lips, because according to me with bigger lips I look prettier. I have visited almost all clinics for aesthetic procedures in [Bulgarian capital] Sofia and I put in my lips almost all kinds of lips fillers.”

Extreme effort to have world's biggest lips
Source: Instagram/@andreaivanova326

Instead of facing social media criticism every day, Andrea said she adores her look and she does not care what others are saying.


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