Husband Honors His Late Wife by Planting Trees In 112 Acre-Farm, The Purpose Is Revealed When After 15 Years!

Janet meant everything for her husband Winston. In fact, it was Love at First Sight.

Their bond grew to rise to the sky day by day as years passed. They got into a long-lasting relationship in 1962 and loved each other unconditionally. Their affection was so deep that people around them were surprised how they could be so lovey-dovey for all those years.

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Just like most of the things on the planet, their happiness was not forever. Janet passed away after 33 years of marriage due to a heart attack.

After their wedding in 1962, they came to a charming farmhouse of 112 acres in the English countryside. In a very short time, Janet gave birth to a baby boy. With the new member coming into the family, their life became complete.

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Their son was healthy, their farm was heavenly, and they were leading a life people would envy. They lived their dream life in their Wickwar, Gloucestershire for over three decades. In 1995, Janet suddenly departed from his life because of heart failure only at the age of 50. Winston was broken from within and felt as if everything in his perfect world had collapsed at one go.

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In order to pay homage to his beloved wife, Winston flourished 6000 oak near the home field where both had spent lovely time for many years. Winston wished to plant a secret, divine place where he and his son could come and treasure Janet on the difficult days. So, he started farming trees- a lot of trees.

But the special and unique thing was that he concealed a meadow inside the forest. Winston built what he wanted to; the true inspiration behind this was a secret, wrapped in the dull sight amongst the trees.

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In 2012, Winston’s secret was revealed by a man, Andy Collett, who captured the view from his hot air balloon. He saw that heart-shaped meadow from the sky. As per the General Knowledge & Interesting Facts, no one knew about Winston’s secret garden until Andy noticed it for the first time.

“You can just imagine the love story. I have my own balloon and am quite a regular flyer, but this was the most amazing sight I have ever seen from the sky,” Andy told the Daily Mail.

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The tip of the heart-shaped meadow leads to Janet’s childhood home, the village of Wotton Hill. Winston also erected a fence around it, too, and every spring, daffodils bloom in the center.

“I thought it was a great idea — it was a flash of inspiration — and I planted several thousand oak trees. Once it was completed we put a seat in the field, overlooking the hill near where she used to live,” a heartfelt Winston told Daily Mail.

Winston expressed that he sometimes came to the heart-shaped meadow for treasuring back the era he spent with his wife- Janet. “It is a lovely and lasting tribute to her which will be here for years,” Winston said.

Although nothing can bring Janet back, Winston can pacify his heart with the thought that she would love what he made just for her. The heaven itself might be somewhat similar to the place he created for his dearest wife.

Losing someone, especially a spouse with whom you have spent your entire life is the worst nightmare. The void of that person can never be filled entirely, it only can be compensated just like the Winston did.

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