Horse refused to cooperate in Tokyo Olympics and athlete left in tears

The German equestrian and Olympic competitor was fervently tipped to win the gold medal in women’s modern pentathlon, having topped the leaderboards in fencing and 200m free-form swimming.

When the time comes for the horse riding leg of the competition, these contenders are allotted a random horse just 20 minutes before the game start. For Schleu, it was Saint Boy, who basically wouldn’t cooperate, having recently wouldn’t hop for Gulnaz Gubaydullina, who was left with a score of 0.

First, take a look at the video below:

Schleu, who is having a record of 5 times world champion, who completed fourth in Rio Olympics 2016, got off to an unpleasant beginning with Saint Boy, her horse totally refused to cooperate with her and started behaving weirdly throughout the competition. ‘Well this is decimating to watch. Annika Schleu can’t get Saint Boy to move into the field. She is looking crushed,’ one reporter said.

Soon, the pony wouldn’t jumpy at all, lessening the 31-year-old to tears and animosity as she rode around the field.

A commentator said: ‘It’s all falling apart for Annika Schleu. I think she’s starting to lose the composure. It looked like she might have recovered it and now this is really, really sad to watch… the German coaches just watching – watching these points disappear, watching the German dream disappear,’

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