Horse forced by a man to drink champagne

A Footage is going viral on the internet that shows a pony being compelled to drink down a full jug of champagne after winning a race on the Spanish island of Majorca. Take a look at the footage below:

The recording was taken after the Manacor Grand Prix on Monday (12 October) and has been marked as ‘horrifying’ by the animal activist group. The pony is called Helen Llinartix and in the video clip, a man can be seen holding the helpless animal’s reins as the man pours almost an entire bottle of alcohol down its throat.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

In the same footage, the pony looks entirely awkward and helpless, he continuously tried to pull its head. At that point, the man pours the last residue of the shining wine over its head. He at that point kisses the pony on the nose as the watching swarm cheers and applauds out of sight.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Assaib a member of the Balearic Islands’ Animal Association said: “This idiot made the winning horse Helen Llinaritx drink a bottle of champagne. The person in the video has been sanctioned at European level for doping several competition horses. He has also been banned from approaching horses. We have already lodged a formal complaint with the relevant authorities for animal mistreatment.”

He further added: “We would like to express our indignation over what happened following the Manacor Grand Prix. It is clear from the footage that Helen Llinaritx is made to drink a bottle of champagne while the rest of those present laugh at what is happening. The individual who makes the horse drink alcohol has been sanctioned by the French Trotting Association over the doping of four horses. He’s been banned from training horses in France for four years and was fined £55,000. We consider this clear example of animal mistreatment appalling and once again it shows that this person doesn’t respect animals or the law.”

An investigation has been launched by the Majorca Equestrian Sports Institute.

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