Hijacker let go of children after they frustrating him a lot of questions

An outfitted military trainee blamed for hijacking a school transport bus let the children off after they baffled him by asking a lot of questions, police revealed.

Jovan Collazo, 23, a trainee at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, got on the school bus at an interstate roadway on Thursday prior to demanding the driver divert to a close-by town.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, in a question and answer session, told journalists that Mr Collazo “told the bus driver that he didn’t want to hurt him,” however to head to a town with the children on board.

Mr Collazo requested every one of the 18 kids to the front of the bus, however, the circumstance became “disappointing” for the supposed criminal when they overburdened him with questions, as indicated by Mr Lott.

Take a look at the footage below:

The kids were asking questions. ‘Are you gonna hurt us?’ ‘Are you a soldier?’ ‘Are you a bus driver? So they were being kids, they were being kids,” said the sheriff, “I think that added to the frustration that he had.”

Following six minutes, the military trainee let the driver and the kids off the vehicle prior to driving a short distance along the highway, before stopping and abandoning the vehicle.

Mr Lott said it was the first run through a school transport had been hijacked by an armed suspect in his vocation, yet that luckily, the driver had been prepared to manage such a circumstance.

“Bus drivers are unsung heroes, they are, and we saw that today,” said Mr Lott. “We saw a bus driver who cared about the children on that bus.”

The sheriff also said of the children: “There was six minutes, six minutes, they were traumatized. Six complete minutes that the bad guy was on the bus with a gun”.

A video recording from onboard the transport was released, showing a man holding a gun and wearing a T-shirt with “Armed force” on the front. The individual, accepted to be Mr. Collazo, could be heard yelling guidelines at the driver: Close the door, drive, drive!”

The 23-year-old, who left Fort Jackson after only three weeks of training, was later arrested by police and accused of 19 checks of kidnapping, equipped burglary, and a few different crimes, as per Mr. Lott.


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