Heartbreaking video shows 2 people falling off a plane mid-air in Kabul during chaos in Afghanistan

In a bone-chilling video, two individuals were seen appallingly falling down from a plane in Kabul as they attached themselves to the wheels of the airplane to fly out of Afghanistan in the midst of pressure.

Take a look at the video below (Strong content):

In the alarming video, the two people can be seen tumbling off the plane mid-air.

Chaos and panic have grasped individuals of Afghanistan just a day after the Taliban held onto the capital Kabul and announced victory, declaring the end of 20-year Western forces pointed toward changing the country.

In another video, scenes of turmoil and frenzy were seen at the Kabul air terminal when so many people tried to catch a flight in a desperate attempt after the Taliban rule. The Taliban captured the airport as well and air space is closed now.

According to Reuters, five individuals were lost their lives in panic at the air terminal on Monday, as US troops protected the departure of international embassy staff.

The Afghanistan government imploded on Sunday after President Ashraf Ghani left the country and the Taliban took responsibility for the Afghan capital of Kabul and the president’s house.

Recently, the Taliban assured ‘peacefulness’ for Afghanistan, saying that it will go “as far as possible” for the advancement of individuals’ lives.

We praying for the safety of the people of Aghanistan

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