Hawk is completely baffled at duck’s weird unresponsiveness to his threats

Animals can be really bewitching in a cute way by the way they respond to things, being playful and sometimes acting foolish to show their adoration towards us. We can never stop gushing or get distracted over their crazy antics.

Of course, they have a very different way of perceiving the world, which may appear strange to us. For instance, take this adorable hawk; he was bewildered by the apparent stoic stance of a duck despite his best efforts at threatening him. What he didn’t know was that it really wasn’t a duck, but just an ornament for the lawn.

Image Source: Garybob

The whole funny antics of the hawk was captured in a video by YouTube user Garybob. The hawk must have thought that he found his supper served on a platter and went for the kill, but the apparent resistance of the plastic body of the duck against his razor sharp beak confounded and confused him, something was amiss.

Image Source: Garybob

He kept pacing around and started clawing with his talons while keeping close eyes on any possible predators nearby, but apparent unresponsiveness of the duck confused him.

Image Source: Garybob

After some time, the hawk couldn’t take it any longer, his patience dried off and he decided to just fly away in search of a new meal.

This video was liked a lot by people and garnered a viewership of about 1.8 million with over 29k likes on YouTube. Take a look at the video below:

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