Guy criticize a woman’s dress on Tinder so she posted the entire thing on social media

The world is changing very fast in deep, I do not know whether this speed will stop or not but with time the concept of dating is also changing for example Tinder a famous dating app.

Just a year ago, Thea Chippendale had an appalling experience with a man on the app, who offered the lady some spontaneous “advice”. The man’s name was George he said: “Not gonna lie you’re a bit of a joke but that dress in the last photo is not doing any favours. Hope this helps,” with a thumbs-up emoji at the end of his sentence.

Of everything the man could’ve said, he chose to criticize the dress Thea was wearing in one of the photographs.

Thea proceeded to share their conversation screenshots on Twitter, showing exactly how discourteous individuals on Tinder can be. The reactions from individuals on social media were what you’d normally expect from anyone reading such a conversation, but something out of the box happened. Perceiving how Chippendale was criticized for wearing their dress, individuals behind ASOS chose to make Thea their model and set up her photograph on their site to represent the dress.

According to bored panda Thea said: “The situation started when I was on a usual scroll of Tinder and came across a message from the guy, he then wrote those comments,” she provided some background to the story. “I was so angry that I just decided to tweet them, only thinking that it would shock a few of my friends but within a matter of hours it took off and there were thousands of people across the world tweeting me with support,” 

With caption She tweeted 2 photographs: Men are trash. (Included the pic he’s on about

Chippendale likewise shared her response to ASOS’ reaction to the tweet:“I was in shock when ASOS responded the way they did, I couldn’t believe that they had done what they had done and was so grateful that they were able to put such a positive spin on such a negative situation”.

This is what ASOS tweeted:

Thea further added in her tweets: Today I had the amazing opportunity to got to the ASOS HQ and learn all about the incredible things they do there and values they stand by. The ASOS team treated me like a true queen and I’m so grateful that they gave me an experience I will never forget

This is how people reacted to her situation:

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