Golden retriever filmed ‘crying for help’ as he is destined to die at the slaughterhouse

Xiao Chi had gone to a slaughterhouse and was saw a golden retriever howling in desperation, as he is destined to die. He went back there the following day to try and save the poor dog but he couldn’t find him.

Take a look at the video below:

In a video posted on Douyin, Chi stands outside the gated slaughterhouse and shows what’s trapped inside the harrowing place. Most dogs were pets sold by their owners or stray dogs that had been captured from the street, he explained.

Some of the dogs are locked up in a kennel and others roam around the front yard.

Image Source: Douyin/Cyc55557777

He says: “So many dogs here, they are so skinny.” Suddenly, a golden retriever jumps up to a small viewing window and catches Chi’s attention. The sad retriever pokes his head outside and howls sadly at him, as if he is crying for help. He also seemed to have teary eyes.

Chi continues: “This golden retriever, I feel like he’s crying, begging for help. Oh, he is really crying. “Just let out a wail.”

Image Source: Douyin/Cyc55557777

However, the slaughterhouse owner came there and the poor canine walked away. Chi could see another golden retriever and also an Alaskan malamute before the pooch jumped up on screen again.

“My heart aches, he wants to live,” Chi sighs. “What should I do? How can the owner be so cruel to their dog?”

Image Source: Douyin/Cyc55557777

The video clip ended with Chi saying the golden retriever was taken away from the front yard soon after. He made a request to viewers to help save dogs from the slaughterhouse and to stop consuming dog meat.

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