Girl writes aggressive note after neighbors stopped her birthday party by calling cops

A student was seething when neighbors called the police to close down her 21st birthday celebration. She composed a furious note – however, didn’t anticipate getting one back

Quarreling neighbors found a smart approach to argue without facing each other face to face.

To the delight of other close by occupants, they scribbled angry notes and stuck them inside the public lift in their building.

The drama started when a lady called Becky had her 21st birthday celebration shut down by the cops. She was raging that neighbors had submitted a complaint to the cops – and blamed them for being “harsh” as they weren’t invited.

Becky stated: “To our dearest neighbours. Just wanted to thank you for ruining my 21st birthday. Sorry you are bitter you were not invited.”

She further added: “Next time you have loud sex above me, I will do whatever to ruin the mood for you, even if I have to call the cops like a p***y like you did. Xoxo, a very p*ssed off birthday girl.”

Becky likely felt relaxed she’d took care of the circumstance when she put the note in the lift. Yet, she was likely shocked to discover a similarly irate reaction stood up in the public area.

She found a note which reads: “Dear Becky, no one gives a f*** about your birthday on a Monday night. Some of us actually have futures and don’t need to be kept up by your trashy music.

“I’m so sorry you’re mad you’re not getting d*cked. I promise to keep having crazy loud sex. You should try it sometime! It might take the edge off your petty a*se. Maybe you’ll get some birthday d*ck next year. Grow the f*** up. Xoxo the girl upstairs.”

“PS if you weren’t such a b*tch maybe the cops wouldn’t have been called?”

Becky wasn’t the only person to be left reeling by the sweary reaction. Neighborhood inhabitants snapped an image of the note and presented it on Snapchat. The drama was later reposted onto Reddit as well.


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