Girl shared an uncomfortable video showing a guy keep flirting and annoying her while she on job

A lady has shared the “awkward” second a person over and over hit on her (flirt) while she was at work, with clear intentions that she is not interested.

Taking to the internet to share her experience, 18-year-old Tiktoker @mickey.ruiz posted a video of her working, while a person neglects to really try to understand and over and over questions her about her life.

The Virginia girl subtitled the first video, “bro i’m at work. cant catch a break [sic]”, and later re-posted the abnormal communication with subtitles.

In the video, an unidentified person can be heard more than once scrutinizing the youngster while she’s behind the counter doing her job.

Take a look at the video below:

The video has been cut for quickness, yet, the short video shows the person asking how old she is, the thing that school she joins in, where her school is, regardless of whether she has an Instagram account, why she doesn’t have Instagram, assuming she needed to know his PIN, in the event that she hacky sacks, and on the off chance that she goes to the sea shore.

At a certain point, he can be heard calling her “cute”, as the words “[I’m] just trying to do my job” are written across the video.

The video has been seen by more than 7.9 million people worldwide and received numerous comments.

One said: I literally do not understand there were so many cues C2 that you didn’t want to continue talking and he just kept on going.

A second one added: Maybe I’m just a friendly person but i don’t see anything wrong with this lol yea he shouldn’t have stayed after paying but before it looks innocent

While a third one said: If this was switched nobody would say anything. Everyone acting like he was going to hurt her when he just not taking a hint. Judging him is bad to.

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