Gender demanded by former athlete Silver Medallist Christine Mboma Because She’s Too Fast

A Polish athlete Marcin Urbas has requested that Namibian runner Christine Mboma, 18, go through a sex-avowing test because it is hard for him to believe that a woman can run this much speed and he is having a doubt that she is not a woman.

Former Athlete Demands Gender Test For Silver Medallist Christine Mboma Because She's Too Fast
Source: Tokyo Olympics

Mboma won a silver medal at the 200-meter run in Tokyo on Monday. She was barely beaten to the gold medal by Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah, who broke the world record for the female’ 200-meters with a period of simply 21.53 seconds – 0.28 seconds faster than Mboma.

Christine Mboma came second in the women's 200m final. Credit: PA
Source: Tokyo Olympics

Her noteworthy paces have driven Urbas to address why she is superior to him at that age: “I would like to request a thorough test on Mboma to find out if she definitely is a woman,” said Urbas, reports sporting site

Because of her high testosterone levels, Mboma is banished from contending in races between 400-meters and 1000-meters, according to the Olympic guidelines.

Namibia's Christine Mboma celebrates silver medal at Tokyo 2020.
Source: Tokyo Olympics

According to Urbas told: “The testosterone advantage of Mboma over other participants is seen with the naked eye. In construction, movement, technique, at the same time as speed and endurance.  She has the parameters of an 18-year-old boy. At that age, my PB was 22.01, and she has done it in 21.97 in Tokyo,”

Urbas is a Polish athlete and is having a record of 200-meters with 19.98 seconds. He is presently a running trainer.

Marcin Urbas wants Mboma to take a test following her silver medal. Credit: PA
Source: Marcin Urbas

The distinction in sexual turn of events (DSD) banter has largely affected Black African competitors, including Caster Semenya, Christine Mboma, and Beatrice Masilingi.

The Guardian reported on Friday that one of ladies’ soccer’s most skilled players, Tabitha Chawinga, says she had to strip on various events during matches in her nation of origin to demonstrate she was a lady.

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