Gang arrested in china for selling water as a Covid-19 vaccine shots

China has captured the head of a gang that made almost $3 million from selling shots of water camouflaged as COVID-19 vaccine, as indicated by state-run media.

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate – China’s top indicting body – said that Kong Mou and his partners filled 58,000 needles with saline solution and sold them across China, as per the Xinhua news China.

Source: The global times

Kong, who was arrested on December 25, 2020, had bragged to clients that he had acquired the shots from pharma companies through “inside channels,” the Global Times revealed.

The bust on Kong was first declared on February 2, when around 80 individuals were captured related to vaccine fraud, as indicated by China’s Ministry of Public Security.

Source: The global times

On Monday, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate said it would extend its crackdown on fake pharma companies, the Global Times detailed, adding that there were more than 21 instances of major vaccine scams across China. The BBC detailed that some fake vaccines have been offered to hospitals in China at expanded costs and that a few scammers were recruiting “village doctors” to oversee fake vaccines to individuals in their vehicles.

The SPP has requested that procurators nationwide take resolute actions to combat vaccine-related crimes, providing legal guarantees to COVID-19 control and prevention work.


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