Former Afghanistan player asked other female players to burn their uniform and erase social media history

The previous captain of Afghanistan’s women’s national soccer team is asking female players to burn their uniforms and remove all the social media of traces that they ever played sports in order to keep safe from the Taliban.

Source: BBC

In an interview given to Reuters on 18 August, Khalida Popal said: “Today I’m calling them and telling them, take down their names, remove their identities, take down their photos for their safety. Even I’m telling them to burn down or get rid of your national team uniform,”

Popal added that she had consistently encouraging young ladies of Afghanistan to stay strong. But, presently, she needs female football players to remain safe by eradicating their online history and flying under the radar.

Popal further added: “That is painful for me, for someone as an activist who stood up and did everything possible to achieve and earn that identity as a women’s national team player.

Source: BBC

Outspoken ladies and activists in Afghanistan are looking toward an inauspicious future

But unfortunately, Popal got death threats for talking about the Taliban on public TV in her role as the event director of the country’s women’s football association. She escaped Afghanistan and looked for shelter in Denmark in 2016.

Source: BBC

Female rights and freedom were seriously confined when the Taliban was toward the end in charge of Afghanistan in 2001. Under its severe type of Sharia law, ladies were made to wear head-to-toe covers and not permitted to go out from the house except if a male relative went with them, as per a 2001 US State Department report.


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