Footage shows a dog escapes from hungry crocodiles

A swimming canine has barely gotten away from the jaws of a hungry crocodile after being chased through the sea.

A lady holidaying at Umagico, 35km south of Cape York in Far North Queensland, posted a video online of the incident at Alau seashore on Sunday morning. Footage showing a dog playing in the water as the hungry and enormous crocodile moved towards it, following the dog as it desperately tried to get back on the beach.

Source: Han and her four men

The dog starts running towards the shore then suddenly stops to look at the crocodile as it quickly approaches. The reptile is one meter from its prey when the canine chooses to turn and run out of the water to its owner.

A man watching the whole incident could be seen anxiously interlocking his hands on his head. Hannah, who recorded the video and shared on her Facebook blog Han and Her Four Men, said the canine is very much adored as a neighborhood pet.

Source: Han and her four men

According to daily mail Australia Hannah said: ‘There were about 15 people on the bank watching it unfold and every single person had their hearts in their mouths,’ Hannah told Daily Mail Australia.  We all looked at each other afterwards with utter dismay and shock at what we had just witnessed.  You watch David Attenborough on the screen and get nervous but to witness it in real life is absolutely heart stopping. Everyone was just so thankful it was a happy ending!’

Take a look at the video below:

Source: Han and her four men

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