Footage showing a cute little squirrel waits patiently for peanut

A cute and intelligent squirrel is seen waiting outside in the backside of the house of his human companions for a nut.

Source: Youtube screenshot

Toward the beginning of fall, these fleecy animals are normally discovered concealing nuts to take care of themselves for the winter season. However, for this smart and intelligent squirrel, thumping on the entryway of a condo in Portland, Oregon, is simply adorable.

Take a look at the video below:

In the footage, taken October 16, showing the squirrel is trying hard in through the window attempting to grab somebody’s eye, in front of the owner’s feline which is just sitting in front of the squirrel. The eastern grey squirrel at that point persistently trusts that the kind human will slide open the glass entryway and will his favorite nut

In the video, the guy saying: ‘Good morning, would you like another peanut?’

The Squirrel answers “Yes” by connecting over the edge to get his favorite nut in its mouth. According to the owner of the house, this squirrel is coming daily to his house and asks for his favorite nut. Interesting to know that one single squirrel can cover up to 10,000 nuts for each year and can shroud nuts over the area of five football fields.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

At the time when finding these buried nuts, these little creatures usually rely on their memory instead of their sense of smell. Incredibly they have a 90 percent achievement rate while recouping the nuts they have covered. Squirrels have been living in the U.S and Canada since the end of the last Ice Age around 12,000 years ago.

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