Footage captures the cute moment when two golden retrievers experienced snow first time.

This is the cute moment when two golden retriever doggies experienced snow for the absolute first time – diving their head into a 40.5 snow wall.

Lisa and Rusty Hanafin woke up to let eight-month-old siblings Harry Winston and Louis Vuitton out in their back nursery in New York, after a blizzard.

The 54-year-old mother-of-two says the canines discovered it so ‘brilliant’ she could only entice them back inside with some hotdogs.

Source: kennedy news and media

Reinsurance merchant Rusty, 60, said that when the pair understood that the white ‘sand trap’ wasn’t going to hurt them they thought it was the ‘best thing they’d actually found’.

The video clip shows Rusty making the way to reveal a huge barrier of snow leaving the two canines gazing at it, obviously astounded. Take a look a the video below:

Lisa said: It was wonderful to watch them play in the snow – when they went out and it was falling they were looking up trying to catch it in their mouths – it was amazing. They thought it was wonderful – we couldn’t get them back inside and had to have a bag of hotdogs to get them to come in.

Rusty added: ‘It was almost like snowy quicksand and as soon as they realised that the snow wasn’t going to hurt them, it was the greatest thing that they’d ever discovered.

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