Father-daughter duo look endearing as they lip-sync together on a song

Kids have always been a sensation on the internet. And the reason is obvious, watching a tiny tot do adorable things could brighten the dullest day. This father-daughter duo’s post bath performance went viral on internet and has got ‘Aww’ reactions from millions.

Recently, Trina Wesson who is based in Oregon shared a video of her husband singing with their two- year-old daughter, Myla. Myla, who is just a toddler, is an expert of lip syncing. Trina has shared the video on Twitter and on instagram with a comment: “A little post bath lip sync battle last night. Myla is one heck of a lip syncer.”

Watch the adorable video below:

The pair is dramatically enunciating the lyrics of the Maroon 5 song: “I need a girl like you, yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I need a girl like you, yeah yeah.” The song is so apt for them. As the lyrics state, the watchers would surely agree they need a girl like her. This is the kind of video that gives us parenting goals.

Since its release, the video has got millions of views and thousands of comments. The adorable pair has stolen the hearts of the viewers. We must admit, Myla’s personality is that of a Rockstar. The way she emphasizes the lyrics of the song, demonstrating her undeniable talent is so enchanting. There can’t be a better way to strengthen the father-daughter’s bond than looking at each other in the mirror and enjoying the moment while singing the catchy tune together. Maroon 5’s lead singer, Adam Levine, too enjoyed this stellar performance and retweeted the video.

Recently, Myla became a big sister, as the family welcomed a new member, a beautiful baby boy, Sawyer.


People are madly in love with them and why they would not be? Let’s hope all parents get such precious moments with their little ones!

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