Family banned from airlines because the little girl refused to wear mask

In a shocking incident, a young mom says she and her significant half were thrown out from a United Airlines flight in light of the fact that their two-year-old little girl does not want to wear a mask.

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Eliz Orban was in tears during footage she shared Friday on Twitter showing herself in the airport alongside her husband and her 2-year old baby girl, Edeline, after getting off the plane.

Take a look at the video below:

Orban who was flying with her family from Colorado to Newark, New Jersey, said. :‘ We just got kicked off a flight because our two-year-old would not put on a mask,’ And we’re banned off United forever because a two-year-old would not put on a mask,’

According to daily mail in the statement issued by United Airlines, they said Orban and her are now permanently banned from flying with UA.

Source: Instagram

But in video footage posted by the mother on her Twitter show shows the second carrier staff eliminate the family from the flight, even as Orban and her husband attempt to put the cover on their little girl’s face.

Edeline is seen obviously resentful and declining to put the mask on. After some time, a crew member gets on the plane, strolls over to the family’s seats, and requests them to leave.

Source: Instagram

The couple attempted to clarify that they couldn’t compel their girl to put it on in light of the fact that she was ‘crying’. The family is then observed picking their things and strolling off the airplane.

Source: Instagram

In the video footage, the specialist is heard telling the couple that their baggage, including their little girl’s vehicle seat, would stay on the plane and head to their destination.

After this horrible incident, Orban shared the video on different social media platforms. The video received more than 4.9 million views worldwide and still counting Orban captioned the video: “Today we got kicked off of a United flight going from Denver to Newark because our 2yo would not “comply” and keep her mask on”

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