Dumped Girlfriend Writes Open Letter to Ex-Boyfriend, Teaches Him A Lesson for Life

Being in love changes you as a person. The spark of togetherness feels fresher than any fruit and sweeter than all the confectionaries of the world put together. The silly things that you do make no logical sense to the outside world, but it means the world to you! When you are genuinely in love with someone, you would do almost anything that pleases them.

When you are in love, it’s very likely that your decisions too will be more emotional and less rational. However, it’s important not to make yourself too vulnerable and move forward with a mindful attitude. It’s also important to notice if the other person likes you as much as you like

If you are someone who does crazy things for their partner, this article is for you. If you think you have changed yourself a little too much just to make them happy, it’s high time you should retrospect! After all, love is all about having fun with each other’s imperfections and not being ‘The Perfect’ for someone.

This girl had done enough things for her boyfriend even though she was not comfortable doing them. When they broke up, she realized how drastically she has changed from the way she used to be earlier. She wrote an open letter to her ex, and it has something we all can immediately connect to.

The open letter

“You always told me I didn’t look good with long hair and that you preferred girls with short hair. So I kept my hair cut above my shoulders at all times.

You laughed at me and told me I looked ridiculous when I dyed my hair red when we were together. So a week later I dyed it back blonde.

You would always point out if I was wearing too much makeup. (Winged eyeliner and mascara most of the time).

So I just stopped wearing it.

You told me tattoos and piercings were tacky and ugly and would try to take out my belly button ring every time you saw it.

So I took out my piercings and didn’t get any more tattoos.

You pointed out my stretch marks every chance you got. So I did my best to keep them hidden.

You pointed out every single flaw I had. So I lost every bit of confidence I had.

I did everything I could to be what you wanted. I did everything you told me to do. It still wasn’t good enough. You left me for a younger prettier girl. Someone you could mold and shape into what you wanted. Like you tried to do with me. And up until a few months ago, I blamed myself for everything that happened. You blamed me too.

But finally, I started to see the truth. You weren’t out of my league. I was out of yours. I wasn’t the one who wasn’t good enough for you. You were the one who wasn’t good enough for me. You couldn’t accept me for who I was. When I took you the way you were.

So now here I am a few months later. My hair is past my shoulders. My hair is bright red. I’ve got a new tattoo. New piercings. Started wearing makeup again. I eat whatever I want whenever I want and weigh 135 pounds. I still have my stretch marks.

And I’ve finally gotten my confidence back. I finally see myself looking back at me when I look in the mirror.

It’s so hard for me to come out about this and admit that I became so vulnerable because of one guy. Something I always said would never happen. It’s humiliating to even think about how low I got. But what gives me the guts to come out about this is the fact that I overcame it and I’m finally back to who I really am. – Feeling free.”

Image source: Facebook

This letter reminds us all something that we tend to ignore. Changing yourself for the sake of someone is like a pressing a spring. You can hold it that way, but how long?

We all have scars. Instead of hiding them, if we wear them as our ornaments, no one can bring us down ever.

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