Drama started when vegan step-daughter asked their parents to change their cat’s diet to vegan

The world is changing very fast in deep. I do not know whether speed will stop or not, but nowadays people are going for a healthy lifestyle, and keeping this in mind more and more people now turning vegan and going for a vegan diet. However, what happens when a few individuals push their personal decisions onto others? This story posted on Reddit (r/AITA) will give you the answer to this question.

It all started with an irritated author whose vegan step-daughter, a well-educated and young professional living with guardians to set aside up some money, has been complaining about the lifestyle in which their parents run their lives.

However, more than anything, the stepdaughter can’t stand her guardians taking care of their feline Mango ‘normal cat food.’ But in reality, even the sight of meat and dry bread rolls made her sick and she faced weight loss.

Close-Up Photography of Cat
Not the actual photo

But, the guardians have completely refused to switch Mango’s diet to a vegan one, and the chaos and stress because of this are taking the arguments to next level.

Read the full story below and let us know what do you think about this:

And this is how Redditors responded to this drama:

One said: Cats are obligate carnivores. That means they don’t have a choice when it comes to eating meat. Your husband needs to tell your stepdaughter this isn’t up for discussion any longer.

A second one added: Unless directed to by a vet for medical purposes (which does happen), feeding a cat a vegan diet is animal abuse. So much for her being compassionate towards animals!

A third one commented: Cats don’t work that way. If your step daughter cant physically handle living with a cat, that’s very sad. But cats don’t work that way.

While a fourth one said: Just reading this makes me sick of the girl. Poor cat if he becomes a vegan.

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