Drama started in Ohio Mcdonald’s because staff refused to mix 2 slushie flavors

A customer lost her patience and assaulted two McDonald’s staff individuals since they wouldn’t make her a layered slushie with multiple flavors.

Cops in Ravenna were called to the McDonald’s café on Monday morning to deal with the scene of a lady assaulting workers behind the counter.

Take a look at the video first:

At the point when officials showed up at around 9:40 a.m., 44-year old Cherysse Cleveland was noticed endeavoring to strile several employees.

When police started the investigation, they discovered that the reason for the occurrence was Cleveland needing to mix flavors of her slushie together. When told by the workers at McDonald’s that was impractical, Cleveland got perturbed and raged behind the counter to make the slushie mix herself.

Police say the manager at McDonald’s attempted to hinder Cleveland’s way and was punched. Another restaurant worker had the option to get Cleveland back into the customer area, yet was punched in the right eye and injured badly. The worker was at long last ready to wrestle Cleveland to the ground.

The police told Akron Beacon Journal that one employee had red marks and swelling on her face and a few cuts around her nose and eye, though both workers declined medical treatment.

Cleveland was arrested by the police and charged with several counts including a misdemeanor assault.

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