Divers captured face to face footage with anaconda

Two or three divers out in a river in Brazil had a heart-halting occurrence when they encountered a huge anaconda. Luckily for us, one of the divers figured out how to catch the second on a video camera

Take a look at the video below:

Bartolomeo Bove and his friend Juca Ygarape were diving in the Formoso River in Brazil back in July 2019 when they wound up close with the biggest snake on the planet – a Green Anaconda.

In the video, the monstrous snake, which was around seven meters (23ft) long and weighed about 90kg, can be seen lying on the riverbed as the jumpers get closer.

Scary Moment Diver Comes Face-To-Face With Giant Seven-Metre-Long Anaconda

The recording then, at that point, cuts to the snake getting a little bit near the camera while flicking out its forked tongue.

The snake then, at that point, seems to get exhausted of the jumpers and crawls away – however, Bove chooses to follow the snake to get some more film.

The huge snake was filmed in a river in Brazil. Credit: Newsflare

After all that, Bove’s hard work paid off and he figured out how to get some mindblowing footage of the monstrous snake.

Bove said: “The rivers and the bodies of water around the Bonito area are the only places in South America where anacondas can be found in crystal clear waters, and therefore diving with them is possible.

He further added: As shown in the footage the anaconda swims calm and peaceful, completely indifferent to our presence – sometimes she comes closer, curious about my camera [and] licking the lens.

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