Delivery guy used a weird technique that encouragess people to tip him

A DoorDash delivery guy shared his weird technique for encouraging individuals to tip in a new TikTok video.

On Tuesday, the delivery driver, who is having an account by the name of @frenchfrythug on TikTok, shared a video about a customer who did not tip. The video went viral and was watched by more than 335k people worldwide.

Take a look at the video below first:

In the video, the delivery driver saying that every time he dropped off the customer order, he is dropping a note along with it that reads: “If you can’t afford to tip then you should go pick it up yourself. Who do you think you are to order food and have someone come and bring it to your door for FREE? FOR FREE?”

An image of the letter Esmond Fountain left a customer.

He disclosed to Insider he had worked for the food-delivery app since December. He said in an email that the client tended to in his video was a “habitual no tipper” and that he posted the video to “make a statement.”

When the matter reached DoorDash and a company representative said: “This behavior is clearly inappropriate and has no place on the DoorDash platform. We are looking into this incident and will take appropriate action,” 

Sever people reacted to this video:

One said: i haven’t tipped since tik tok corrupted 231 my brain. Too many drivers thinking they deserve the world. Your job pays you to deliver the food.

A second one added: Tips are not mandatory … nobody HAS to tip you or anyone else! Plus you didn’t have to take it… so get over it

While a third one said: Free? She paid for that service and you 184 were paid to take it so therefore it’s not free ookkkaaayyy

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