Dad posts conversations with his daughters. His tweets will brighten your day!

When children start exploring the world through their curious eyes, parents can have tough time answering their questions. At the same time, interacting with a child could give countless ‘Aww’ moments. Thanks to the technology, there are numerous ways these days for parents to capture the
precious times with their precious ones!

While many parents take photos and record videos of their children, one parent enjoys tweeting his day-to-day talks with his kids.

James Breakwell, also known as Exploding Unicorn tweets his hilarious conversations with his daughters. The comedy writer from Indianapolis is a father of four witty girls, all of them being under age 8. He is popular on social media for his humorous tweets and has more than a million followers. Reading through these fun-filled talks would be a treat to your mind!

What an outstanding sense of humor!

Yes, kids think out of the box!

Oh, my my! She is going places.

“They like what I do on Twitter mainly because it’s all about them,” he said. “On one hand, Twitter makes me a better father because I spend more time with my kids. On the other hand, Twitter makes me a much worse father because I only do it to get more material.”

Authentic and original!!!

…and we think kids don’t understand things!

If you are a parent, this is completely relatable.

James released his first book in 2017 “Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent’s Guide for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse”. He also has a YouTube channel where his family and Gilly – his pet pig make regular appearances.

He elaborates on what the book is all about:

“Every other survival guide out there is, What would Bear Grylls do? This hardcore survivalist out on his own, what would he do if a bear attacked or zombies attacked?

“What about the rest of us? What if you’re out of shape, and you’re dragging along four kids, and you just have no idea what to do? You have no skills whatsoever. That’s what this book is about.”

She made it sound obvious!

Kids surely beat adults when it comes to imagination!

He shares his view on parenting: “I guess it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s just one failure after another. You just have to fail in the forward direction and hope you get the kids out the door eventually.”.

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