Cute kid looks like Pennywise clown after using hair removal cream

A cute little kid who scoured hair removal cream on her head has been named Pennywise the clown after she went half bald.

Little Maisie Saward, from Hampshire, had slithered into the washroom unnoticed and picked the wrong tube while attempting to mimic her father, Luke Saward, gelling his hair.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

Father Luke just realized it was hair remover spread over her head as he tried to clean it out in the shower – but it was too late. Maisie’s lost 3 inches fringe was totally taken out and funny pictures show the toddler’s hairline currently creep right to the center of her head.

Mother Kristy said: ‘I’d called Luke and he said “Maisie’s got no fringe left”, but the phone broke up, so I just thought she’d got hold of some scissors. ‘When I got home I was just in pure shock. She came and gave me a cuddle and I just cried for an hour because I absolutely loved her fringe. ‘Rather than just shove her under the shower, Luke ran her a bath, got her changed and it took about 10 minutes before he even thought about taking it off. ‘If I hadn’t been out for so long maybe I’d have been able to deal with it myself. I didn’t speak to him for a couple of hours, but the next day I started to see more of the funny side.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

The father and mother are presently considering letting Maisie play Pennywise for Halloween. Furthermore, they’ll be getting the hair remover away from Maisie and her twin sister Eva.

Kirsty (mother) further added: ‘Maisie’s very independent, so we’ve always got to keep an eye on her to see what she’s up to. ‘Luke gets ready in the downstairs bathroom and Maisie sometimes goes in with him. The hair gel tube is the same shape as the hair removal cream, so she must have been trying to copy him. ‘Somehow she’s managed to learn to unscrew tops off tubes and found the only tube of hair removal cream in the house.’

Source: Kennedy News and Media

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