Couples find a unique way to celebrate pride month after authorities removed their rainbow flag

A married couple from Racine, Wisconsin, needed to take down a pride flag from the front in their house due to new guidelines from their home owner’s association. So they found a unique way of showcasing their love and pleasure for pride month. The married couple as a substitute set up floodlights to illuminate their residence within the hues of the rainbow.

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Memo Fachino, a house owner in Racine, Wisconsin, wrote about the experience with his husband Lance Mier on Reddit, and it went viral within an hour.

Fachino, who is a member of the house owner’s association, wrote that the flag rule went into effect in May after there was “friction” developing between neighbors who were flying opposing “opinion flags,” such as black lives count and skinny blue line flags, and the association decided to permit house owners to display American flags.

Fachino and mier had their pride flag displayed on the front porch since 2016, however, the day after that decision turned into made, Fachino said, they received an email that their flag has been said reported and that they needed to take it down.

They complied, but they forgot to read the rules and policies. Fachino told CBS news that they still wanted to discover a way to highlight diversity and inclusiveness and to celebrate pride month.

“We noticed that removable lights are permitted without restriction so… we bought 6 colored floodlights, and we washed our house in pride colors,” Fachino wrote. “A little less subtle than our simple flag. A lot more fun for anyone complaining about the flag itself and what it represents.”

None of them were having that their house will go viral. Fachino stated many people responding to his Reddit submit seemed to have had awful experiences with their personal owner of a house’s associations and appeared to be “riled up” because they felt as although the couple had been being censored.

According to CBS news Fachino said: “We knew it was not against the pride flag itself and what it represents, so we just looked for a different way to showcase that,” Fachino said, “and temporary changes to the exterior are allowed in the rules.”

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