Cops play Taylor Swift song on the background to stop protest video going on Youtube

A California cop played a Taylor Swift melody song on his mobile phone to stop protesters from posting a video of their encounter on YouTube.

The official, recognized on the video as Sergeant Shelby, hit play on the Taylor Swift hit Blank Space song as he defied protesters over a flag outside a town hall trying to make copyright issues for them.

Take a look at the video below:

In the video, the officer told activists “You can record all you need, I simply realize it can’t be posted on YouTube,” However, the official’s endeavor appears to have blown up as the video has now been seen by more than 700k times on Twitter and 180k times on youtube

According to the law, video-sharing platforms don’t permit users to upload content that incorporates music tracks that they don’t possess the rights to “without fundamental authorizations.”

The organization’s Content ID system can at times automatically block an uploaded video when it matches with another video, which is apparently what the officer had in mind.

This incident received mixed reactions:

One said: Simple. Since the officer is using copyrighted material, he and the department should be subject to any and all copyright and royalty payments. After a few thousand views, that will add up.

A second one commented: The cop didn’t break any policy within his department. It’s just a cry baby not getting his way.

While a third one said: Good he was clearly trying hide what he was doing as dumb as that way was he still was doing it


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