Cat escorted by train guard after he was found traveling without ticket

Video footage showing a stowaway feline being accompanied off a train after he was discovered to be “going without a ticket” has gone viral on the web.

The feline had tried to sneak onboard on a high-speed bullet train in north-west China on Sunday. The video clip shared via social media shows a train guard removing the cat passenger from the train. Rather than getting the feline, the train guard can be seen strolling it off while holding it under the armpits, before leaving it on the floor.

The one who posted the video on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tiktok, included a subtitle saying that “the silly cat” had been “forced to leave the train after refusing to buy a ticket.”It’s not clear what was the fate of the feline after it was left at the station. It’s not the only animal to stow away on a vehicle.

Take a look at the video below:

A mynah feathered bird was found on board a departure from Singapore to the UK in January 2019. The creature, local to southern Asia, was found around 12 hours into the Singapore Airlines trip to London, which usualy takes 14 hours.

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