Cardi B think guys should get less expensive gifts than girls on valentines day

February 14, couples all around the globe will give each other cards and presents to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Few will go big, few will go smaller. However, regardless of whether it’s adornments or a crate of chocolates, it is all about gesture and feeling.

But, the WAP rapper Cardi B light up a new debate with her recent tweets concerning a supposedly unwritten rule of the big day: guys get less expensive presents than the girls.

She wrote, ‘Yes! Men do deserve to get gift as well for Valentine’s Day, but the gift have to be less expensive then the girls gift. Soo if he buys you flowers you buy him grass.’

Quickly, individuals scrutinized the tweet. One user said: ‘So if a man buys a girl a new Mercedes, what gift should he expect?’

A second one added: Men deserve gifts if they deserve itFace with tears of joy don’t get it twisted girls. He don’t deserve it if he just exists

A third composed: This is pretty toxic and not based on a healthy relationship. I’m gonna make my man feel special, because he makes me feel special all the time! Ofc I wanna get him something nice on valentines day.

However, another answered: ‘Valentine’s Day is about and for couples. It isn’t about men. It isn’t about women. One side shouldn’t be less/more appreciated than the other. It’s about couples in love giving back to each other.’

Later she said in her tweets: ‘But remember… I got 550K ring on my left hand, 400k ring on my right, thousands of dollars in Birkins, soo much jewelry, a Lambo truck and rolls Royce truck.. so we even in gifts.’

In further tweets she added: ‘So if ya don’t like the flowers & grass comparisons let me give ya one that make men happy. If you buy her thousand dollars Louboutin heels she should buy you a ps5 that’s around 550$. It’s fair… now if you think your gift should cost more then ur girl gift you are just a b*tch.’

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