Cannie chained for 5 days after the couple moved to another house

A couple who moved from Roselle, New Jersey to Sandy Springs, Georgia on November fifteenth is currently dealing with charges of animal brutality for abandoning their canine.

Image Source: Popcorn Park Animal Refuge

We can’t be certain what neighbors genuinely believed when 27-year-old Curtis Swan and 29-year-old Aaleyah Clay revealed to them they were leaving however coming back for the dog at some point, yet now it’s pretty clear they had no mood of doing as such in a timely manner.

Image Source: Popcorn Park Animal Refuge

At the point when somebody at last called animal welfare society, they protected the canine, incidentally naming him “Jon Snow”

Presently we realize the canine’s genuine name is Carter and that the husky was chained to a tree for 5 days before he was brought to the Newark part of Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey. He was found with a gauze tied around an extreme and bleeding neck wound and a collar on top.

Image Source: Popcorn Park Animal Refuge

The tainted, open injury covered quite a bit of Carter’s neck when the animal control officers found the puppy. Fortunately, he’s currently recovering at a natural life safe-haven called the Popcorn Park Animal Refuge.

Image Source: Popcorn Park Animal Refuge

While it’s pretty clear Carter needs a new home, since his owners have been accused of wrongdoing, the law says he can’t be adopted out until the case is shut. However, he’s with the right and caring people (rescuers), who are doing all that they can to give him the warmth he deserved.

Image source: Roselle NJ Police Department

At the point when animal control found the canine, the official quickly revealed the circumstance to the Roselle Police Department where Detective Ivan Romero drove the examination.

On December third, they reported the couple would be charged with a crime for abandoning their dog and animal cruelty.

As per NBC Philadelphia: “Swan and Clay are each charged with causing serious bodily injury to a domesticated animal by neglecting it and abandonment of a domesticated animal. They could each face up to five years in prison if convicted.”


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