Bride was shocked and posted screenshots of brutal texts she received from her mother in law who said she is going to wear an actual wedding dress to ceremony

It is advisable to maintain some sort of distance with your in-laws because these creatures are part of the package that gets thrown in with your other half.

However, this mother-in-law has named ‘the worst individuals have ever seen,’ and it’s difficult to imagine how anybody could common ground with her. “I am at an absolute loss of words right now,” expressed the bride and shared some screen captures of the detestable text she had with her life partner’s mom.

Ends up, the mother-in-law chose to wear her real wedding dress on her child’s large day, contending ‘it’s her son’s wedding and she’s paying over half of it.’ The text was disturbing to such an extent that the lady has connected with individuals online to request guidance on taking care of the circumstance: “What do I even say here? Please help me.”

Take a look at the pictures below:

The mother in law then sent this message:

The mother in law even called out her daughter in law for complaining to her son

People reacted to this incident and gave her remarks on this whole drama:

One said: Tell her you’ve had to push the wedding back a week bingo she can wear what she wants that day you’ll already be married 40 Not right your day being remembered for the fact she showed up in a wedding dress I’d go away somewhere just the 2 of you and a selected few others and do it your own way x

A second one added: Tell your fiancé what she is planning and then get married without her! Also tell her what to do with her half of the money! What type of mother would do that? Trying to ruin her sons wedding day!

While a third one said: I’m sorry but I would run as far and as fast as I could away from that wedding. Imagine what she’ll be like after the wedding – no way would I tolerate that.

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