Bride received used lingerie as a gift for her wedding from her mother

Get something old in the form of a gift is a common wedding tradition, in which a lady of the hour wears something old, new, acquired, and blue on her big day.

Usually, these gifts are accessories. For example, a lady of the hour may wear earrings from her mom.

However, one popular mother actually gifted her daughter the used lingerie she wore on her wedding night.

Shelley Watson will do whatever it takes to save money
Source: TLC

Shelley Watson, who stars on TLC’s “So Freakin’ Cheap,” was getting ready for her girl’s wedding on the season finale of the series, which broadcasted Monday.

Shelley considers herself the “Princess of Cheap,” as she attempts to save some cash. That didn’t change with her daughter’s wedding, as Shelley spent only $750 on her little girl Brittney’s wedding, as E! revealed.

Her daughter Brittany was left horrified when she was presented with second hand lingerie
Source: TLC

At the point when it came time to give Brittney her “something old” gifts, Shelley picked jewelry for her something acquired and blue, a cloak as her something new, and for her something old, the white negligee she wore to her own wedding as per video clip from the show:

Take a look at the video below:

Brittney was shocked and she promptly drops her lingerie on her floor when her mom says she wore it on her own wedding night.

Brittney said: “That’s weird,” Shelly said: “It’s been washed, “Isn’t it cute?”

But bride Britney is far from amused when she learns she will be getting married in a chiropractor's office
Source: TLC

In the video clip, Brittney said: “That’s my mom’s, I don’t want to wear something thinking about my mom and dad. I’m genuinely traumatized by that lingerie,

To all this, her mom said that there is nothing weird or strange in it. Basically, we share everything, including underwear sometimes,

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