Brave boy having the cyst of grapefruit size on face the odds to take his first steps

A brave kid with a cyst the size of a grapefruit all over his face has beaten all the odds to make his first steps.

Source: SWNS

Alex Grabowski, four, was brought into the world with cystic hygroma – a collection of liquid-filled sacs – on his face and in his airways. The heaviness of these sacs makes it difficult for him to adjust.

However, after a continuous surgery operation of 8 hours at London’s Great Ormond Street clinic, the brave young boy would now be able to walk freely.

Alex’s mum Emily said he has entered “leaps and bounds” since the debulking medical procedure to decrease the size of his growths.

Source: SWNS

His ability to speak is also improving after the operation and subsequent to saying his first word – ‘bubbles’ – Alex is currently beginning to frame sentences.

While the brave boy actually needs a tracheostomy to help him with breathing and is taken care of by means of a cylindrical tube, it is believed that one day, he will actually want to have it taken out and live significantly more freely.

Alex’s mother Emily said: “We don’t know what the future will hold, but I can only hope. Alex has already come on in leaps and bounds. We still sign with him but Alex is starting to talk better, too. He is very good at getting his point across. Caring for him is hard work – but I wouldn’t have it any
other way.”

Source: SWNS

Emily first discovered Alex had cystic hygroma at her 20-week scan and concedes that she was “terrified” for what her unborn child would resemble.

However, when little Alex was brought into the world in January 2017, at St Michael’s clinic in Bristol, Emily “thought he was ravishing and burst into tears”.

Source: SWNS

Alex went through the initial a half year of his life at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, where he went through his first phases of debulking medical surgery. Single mother Emily additionally had to be trained in how to care for her child before she could bring him home to Midsomer Norton in Somerset.

Emily who is also the mother of 8-year-old Roman added: It was very daunting, bringing him home. It was suddenly just me who had to look after him. I had to get used to going places with all of his equipment.”

Source: SWNS

While there are numerous questions about Alex’s condition and he will presumably consistently require treatment, Emily says his prognosis is good. However, sending him off for debulking operations is always scares her.

Source: SWNS

She further added: “I cry every time he goes for a surgery. They take eight hours so it is a long wait. One of his cysts is over a nerve that could paralyse his face if they hit it so they have to be really careful.”


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