Boy aged 5, survives dangerous attack by two dogs only to be called a ‘monster’ in public

Ryder Wells at just the tender age of 5 has been through more horror that most of us might not even experience in a lifetime. The youngster from North Carolina survived a very brutal attack by two  rottweilers  while visiting family for Thanksgiving in 2015.

He was just 21 months old toddler when he was attacked by the two 100-pound dogs. He had lost half of his face, his teeth were crushed, and he suffered a broken arm and a punctured lung.

His family didn’t think he would survive but this little guy held strong and made it through. He since then had to endure around 50 surgeries.

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Instead of being hailed and supported for getting through such a horrific attack this sweet little boy now has to face harsh comments from children and adults. His teaching assistant said when Ryder first attended school even the grownups would stare at him.

As per The Mirror: “When we go to the park, there’s a child who points and screams ‘monster’ at him before running away. Out shopping the other day someone shouted ‘ew’ at him. It’s hard and it breaks my heart as a parent that after everything he’s been through, people aren’t always nice over something he can’t help. But he is such a fighter, he doesn’t let anything hold him back.”

Source: Gofundme

However, the 31-year-old mom from Granite Falls, is scared of her son after starting school.

“He wears glasses and a cap and sometimes he’ll hang his head to hide his face. But I just tell him every day that he’s beautiful, different is beautiful and it’s ok to be different. I just reassure him as much as I can but I’m absolutely terrified about when he goes to school. There are always going to be a couple of kids who aren’t kind.”

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Now she wants to raise awareness among people about the effects, bullying can have on someone with a facial disfigurement and hopes Ryder’s story will make people think regarding how they treat those who look different from themselves.

Source: Gofundme

We must all act as responsible parents and teach our kids to not single out people who might look different and to be kind by helping children like Ryder live a happy life which they deserve.

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