Beautiful model claims she is single because people are scared to talk to her

A lot of individuals wouldn’t accept that model Céline Centino has been single for a very long time yet she has a reason for it: Individuals are ‘too scared to approach her.

Source: Instagram/@ccentino

The 26-year-old influencer has forked out £20,000 ($27,700) to maintain her looks however has disclosed that she longs to be in a relationship in spite of having the option to find a sweetheart.

Céline, who has more than 480,000 fans on Instagram and makes her fortune selling content on FanPage, says her difficulty in finding a boyfriend has come because she is too beautiful which, thus, makes them scared to have words with her.

Source: Instagram/@ccentino

Céline from Zürich, Switzerland, said: “I’ll be out with my friends and guys will be watching, looking at me like they want to eat me, but when I give them a little smile to invite them over they never come. Sometimes if we’re in a club and there’s a lot of alcohol they might say hello and chat to me but they’re normally so drunk I can’t be bothered.”

Source: Instagram/@ccentino

However, when Céline figures out how to get a guy out on a date, they are frequently anxious – which can slow down the discussion.

She further added: “They’re always a little shy and timid at first but normally once we get chatting and see that I’m nice, they relax a bit.

“I think it’s really cute when they’re nervous at first. Guys always say that I have a strong aura and that when I walk into a room they can sense my presence even without seeing me.”

Source: Instagram/@ccentino

Celine says she doesn’t care about looks as she was bullied as a young person by people who targeted her for her appearance.

What’s more, after going through over $27,000 worth of medical procedures and fillers, Celine is currently OK with herself and loves to display her body on FanPage.

Source: Instagram/@ccentino

The model even says some of her previous harassers presently follow her on the site and pay to get access to attractive content she posts.

Celine added: “I was so unhappy with myself before, I felt so ugly and like I was trapped in my own body. My mum says I don’t need it but she just worries about operations. It’s my body at the end of the day. After years of being bullied I’m finally happy with myself and how I look, I have lots of friends and a wonderful family but I would love a boyfriend to share it with.”


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