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Divers captured face to face footage with anaconda

Two or three divers out in a river in Brazil had a heart-halting occurrence when they encountered a huge anaconda. Luckily for us, one of the divers figured out how to catch the second on a video camera

Take a look at the video below:

Bartolomeo Bove and his friend Juca Ygarape were diving in the Formoso River in Brazil back in July 2019 when they wound up close with the biggest snake on the planet – a Green Anaconda.

In the video, the monstrous snake, which was around seven meters (23ft) long and weighed about 90kg, can be seen lying on the riverbed as the jumpers get closer.

Scary Moment Diver Comes Face-To-Face With Giant Seven-Metre-Long Anaconda

The recording then, at that point, cuts to the snake getting a little bit near the camera while flicking out its forked tongue.

The snake then, at that point, seems to get exhausted of the jumpers and crawls away – however, Bove chooses to follow the snake to get some more film.

The huge snake was filmed in a river in Brazil. Credit: Newsflare

After all that, Bove’s hard work paid off and he figured out how to get some mindblowing footage of the monstrous snake.

Bove said: “The rivers and the bodies of water around the Bonito area are the only places in South America where anacondas can be found in crystal clear waters, and therefore diving with them is possible.

He further added: As shown in the footage the anaconda swims calm and peaceful, completely indifferent to our presence – sometimes she comes closer, curious about my camera [and] licking the lens.

Dad suing school for $1 million after a teched trims her daughters hairs

A dad is suing his little girl’s school for $1 million after a teacher trims his daughter’s hair.

Jimmy Hoffmeyer filed a case of $1 million dollars lawsuit against a Michigan school last Tuesday, September 14, saying that the episode infringed his 7-year-old’s constitutional rights.

This undated photo provided by Jimmy Hoffmeyer shows his daughter Jurnee Hoffmeyer, 7, after a classmate and a teacher cut her hair on separate occasions. (Jimmy Hoffmeyer via AP)
Source: USA Today

According to the case that this is an illustration of racial discrimination from the school against the father mixed-race girl.

As indicated by Insider, Hoffmeyer affirms that his girl, Jurnee, was ‘intentionally inflicted with emotional distress’ the point at which the teacher at Mount Pleasant Public Schools chose to trim her hair without discussing anything from her guardians.

According to the media reports the case has been documented in federal court against two staff individuals – a librarian and teaching assistant plus with school district itself.

The occurrence apparently happened recently in March when a classmate of Jurnee’s trimmed her hair without permission.

Hoffmeyer grumbled to the school and took his 7-year-old to the salon to get a proper hairstyle. The claim charges that within two days after this, Jurnee got back home from school with all of her hair cut off.

After seeing what had happened to his little girl, Hoffmeyer said to Jurnee, ‘I thought I told you no child should ever cut your hair,’ The Associated Press reports, to which she replied ‘but dad, it was the teacher.’

The claim proceeds to assert the school district ‘failed to properly train, monitor, direct, discipline, and supervise their employees.’

According to the associated press: Reacting to the $1 million claims, the president of the educational committee briefed on the incident and said: ‘We are confident that the facts will prevail given our district’s appropriate and aggressive response to the incident and the findings of the third-party investigation that was conducted’


Parents called police when 19 years disclosed her relationship with a 61-year-old

Love is blind. A 19-year-old girl tied a knot with a man having an age difference of 42 years, presently the guy is 61 years old, however, her family were at first so hostile towards the couple, they even called the police.

Credit: Jam Press
Source: Dailymail

Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon, 19, met her better half Kevin, 61, in January via a dating app Badoo.

Kevin said: “I was actually looking around my area and ages 30 to 50. Her profile shouldn’t have popped up. Something told me to look at it and something told me to like it, so I did.”

Audrey, an army cop, said she was at first attracted to Kevin as he was a veteran who’d worked for the army police as well. The bonding started getting strong between these two quickly, presently living in Modesto, California.

Credit: Jam Press
Source: Dailymail

After sharing texts with each other they proposed to each other within few months.

They met face to face interestingly a half year after the fact and they shared their first kiss. But, when Audrey at last opened up with regards to the relationship to her mom and dad, they were shocked and confused about the age difference.

Audrey said: “We can both agree truly that it was love at first sight. I couldn’t handle the stress of keeping it a secret from my family so we agreed that he would come down to meet them. My family was extremely hostile about meeting him at first because we told them about us in a bad way.

Story from Jam Press (Age Gap Couple) Pictured: Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon and Kevin. Woman, 19, marries man 42 years older ??? and even gets parents' support after they called the POLICE the first time they met him A teenager who married a 61-year-old dad-of-two says her parents have now welcomed him to the family despite calling the police the first time they met him. Military police officer Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon, 19, first met husband Kevin, 61, on dating site Badoo, on January 9 2020. Despite a 42-year age gap between them, she was initially attracted by his bio saying he too was a veteran who had worked for the military police. Within a few months of chatting online, they were officially a couple and had both said ???I love you???. In July 2020, they officially met up in person and shared their first kiss. Audrey told Jam Press: ???I was both excited and nervous to see him. ???He still talks about the day he laid his eyes on me with such passion. ???Kevin made the first move. He took my face in his hands and we had our first kiss when we first met face to face. ???We can both agree truly that it was love at first sight.??? Neither Audrey nor Kevin, from Modesto, California, had been in a relationship with such a big age gap before but believe it doesn???t matter as they have lots in common and a deep connection. Audrey said: ???Our first conversation was about the military and he asked questions about me and we became very open to each other. ???We talked about everything together. ???Kevin also looks very handsome to me. ???What makes our relationship so great and perfect for us is our ever-growing love for each other.
Source: Dailymail

Even after having a hard time in the initial phase of her relationship, Audrey says her mom and dad are very much positive about her relationship.

None of them dated anyone with this much age difference previously, and Audrey said she needs ‘to show the world that we aren’t the sugar daddy or gold digger relationship’. The couple eloped on 1 August this year, and are currently planning for the future.

We wish the couple all the best for the future! <3


Preacherknocked over by students for carrying sign that says ‘women belong in the kitchen

An Alabama lady has been captured on camera assaulting a preacher who was conveying a misogynistic ‘Women belong in the kitchen’ sign.

The minister was one of the demonstrators present at the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus on Tuesday, September 14, carrying signs with misogynist messages, such that ladies should remain in the home instead of getting educated.

But, while all the people were watching this high voltage drama, one anonymous lady came forward and made a move – by punching the preacher in the face and thumping him to the ground.

Take a look at the video below:

A person managed to capture the video and shared that video with, you can see her punching the man and keep on hitting him as he bumbles over another person to the ground.

The drama was started by demonstrators waving various ‘misogynistic’ signs around, supposedly making statements, for example, ladies ‘have a place in the kitchen, they shouldn’t be in school… super sexist stuff’. Another sign additionally said ladies ‘shouldn’t be in college’.

Woman Attacks Preacher Carrying 'Women Belong In The Kitchen' Sign (@OldRowJSU/Twitter)
Source: Twitter

The student ‘socked him’ in the face, the observer said, which made him fall down, where he got a number of punches before grounds police ultimately interceded and isolated the pair.

Several reacted to this incident on social media and gave their remarks:

One said: Thought you all championed free speech and freedom of expression?????

A second one added: She was having none of his bullshit. Looks like this man fucked around and found out.

While a third one said: Violence is never the answer. And good for her!

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Woman devastated after paying 217 pounds ($298) haircut that leaves her looking like a KAREN

A lady has been left totally stunned in the wake of paying 217 pounds ($298) on a hairstyle, only to be left looking “like a f***ing Karen.”

Carly got into her car crying and said she hated her new hair

We all have been faced this situation at one point in our life, so you can imagine how crushed TikTok user @icarlyreboot when she left the salon, just to find her new hairstyle made her looks like a moderately aged mum.

She posted the video on her Tiktok account, the lady totally disappointed and was in tears while explaining the entire situation.

Take a look at the video below

In the video, she is crying and saying: “I just paid $300 (£215) to look like a f***ing Karen. I look like I’m on the PTA. I swear I don’t drive a f***ing mini van, I look like I have three sons who play f***ing T-ball. I look like I collect coupons, oh God, I don’t collect coupons.”

While trying to embrace herself she further added: Okay, let’s practice, ‘Let me speak to your manager.’ Oh my God, why does God f***ing hate me!”

She said the new style made her look like a 'Karen' making complaints at shops

The video went viral on Tiktok and received so many comments:

One said: Hey bestie! It honestly does not look that 441 bad! I would recommend buying a mini curling want and adding some waves to it and also some texturizing

A second one added: I need to know what you were going for 7974 in the first place? Like how did she mess it up so bad? Not that it looks bad, but you clearly think so.

While a third one said: They styled it TERRIBLY this is actually a 275 extremely cute haircut. Use texturizing spray/paste

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