Australia’s most identical twin sister engaged to their shared boyfriend for 10 years

Australia’s most popular indistinguishable twins who eat, sleep and shower together looking forward to having kids with their common life partner at exactly the same time.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 35, from Perth, created a new milestone of their sisterly bond – they dress the same, go through consistently together, and now engaged with their accomplice of 10 years, mechanic Ben Byrne, 40.

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His brides-to-be have exciting plans for the future, with Anna said that they desire to get pregnant simultaneously through IVF.

She said if she found out she was expecting, Lucy would ‘move pregnant straight away’ so they can keep on appearing to be identical.

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The twins recently talked about the challenge and difficulties of conceiving together, accepting the fact that it would not be easy for them.

Anna said: ‘Our mum’s actually convincing us to give birth naturally. I don’t know how that’s going to work It’s going to be a challenge.’

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Ben proposed to the sisters – who have been named the world’s ‘most indistinguishable twins’ – with identical rings in the most recent scene of TLC’s reality show, Extreme Sisters.

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After taking the young ladies out for a romantic picnic, he surprised them with engagement rings stacked with three groups, which he said represents their unique relationship as a trio.

The sisters have been dating Ben since 2012, however, they will be compelled to travel abroad when they need to get hitched on the grounds that polygamy is restricted under the Australian Marriage Act 1961.

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The trio, who live with the twins’ mom, share an extra-large bed, with Ben in the center, and say they are thinking about getting married in Malaysia Indonesia, or parts of the US where polygamy is legitimate.

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Anna and Lucy are so close that they use the washroom together and measure the quantity of food just to guarantee they are eating the same quanity. What?

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