Anonymous mother say ‘Mickey Scouse’ graffiti is ‘offensive’ and not good for kids

A stressed mother who lives in the Wirral went on social media to grumble about a spray (graffiti) painting that was commissioned in her town.

The anonymous mother posted on Mumsnet subsequent to recognizing the street art – which was painted by an artist Tom Blackford in the interest of Rockpoint Leisure – when out with her little kids.

She posted a photograph of the “sinister” painting which shows a Mickey Scouse cartoon mugshot embellished on a wanted poster.

The mural upset some parents
Source: Mumsnet

Mickey Scouse was smoking a cigarette, glanced green in shading, and brandished a blacked eye.

The “nauseated” mum expressed: “Live in a seaside town. The Rock point quarter is a new development regenerating my local high street. I live here with children as do many others. Why do they need to see this and what’s the message?

She continued: “I think it’s disgusting, my daughter asked why his toothbrush was that colour. Little primary children don’t need to see this coming out of their street every day. I’m just disgusted.”

Tom's other murals are dotted around the town
Source: Facebook

Many other guardians remarked on the string – some who were astonished, yet other people who said it was “art”.

One Mom said: Not sure I’d be offended by it but it isn’t something I think screams ‘regeneration’ to me. The opposite, really. I can’t imagine it making the street look any nicer.

A second one added: Report the council to Disney. I bet they’re rabid about their copyright of Mickey 

While a third one said: That’s weird if it’s been done officially as part of the regeneration, I think it’s pretty grim to look at and wouldn’t fancy walking past it often. What on earth is wetherspoons police department mean.

Tom Blackford is a very much respected spray painting artist who frequently paints vivid paintings around the UK.

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Source: Facebook

On his Facebook page, one user commented: I personally love them, not everyone can appreciate the talent it takes to do something like this, especially on this scale. Well done Tom Blackford Artist , art comes in many forms & this is a cheeky representation of a traditional image

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