Angry Mother slams ‘disgusting’ parents who laughed at her daughter, after she wore a suit to prom

An angry mom has slammed ‘disgusting’ guardians who provoked her 11-year-old little girl with brutal comments after she went to her elementary school prom wearing a suit.

Credit: SWNS

Rather than wearing a dress, Mischa Parker, 11, from Leeds, decided to wear a shrewd dark supper coat with matching pants and a necktie to a gathering at Fountain Primary School.

However, some disgusting parents laughed and taunted her outfit, calling her ‘suit girl’, she was so embarrassed she called mother Tamara Auty, 33, and requested her to pick her from Friday’s gathering.

Credit: SWNS

Tamara said the conduct had been ‘an assault on Mischa’s individuality, arguing: ‘I just think that children should be allowed to express themselves – why should my daughter be made to feel bad about the way she likes to dress? Why try and knock a child down for that?’

Last Wednesday, Mischa, her mother, and her sibling Thomas, nine, went out to shop to pick an outfit for her school prom.

All the family thought she looked beautiful, and the young lady began to get invigorated for the gathering the following day, to celebrate her completing grade school.

Credit: SWNS

Her mother said: ‘I’d straightened her hair for her, she’d put a bit of mascara on, nails painted black and normally she doesn’t bother with makeup or do anything with her hair. ‘She was a little bit nervous but felt really good, she really liked the suit. She had been knocked down recently confidence-wise so it was quite a big thing for her to wear the suit as she hates dresses, she’s not a girly girl.’

Reluctant to stroll in alone, Mischa sat tight for her companions prior to going into the school and was charmed when they gave her applause. A few hours after the fact, Tamara got a disturbing text from her little girl requesting to come and get her.

Her mother added: “Some of the adults who had stayed at prom called her ‘suit girl’ and sniggered. Every time she was walking past these parents she could hear them commenting and laughing. She said ‘do you think I should change my fashion?’ as she normally wears more boys gendered clothing like hoodies and baggy trousers. I said no, you be who you are.”

This is totally sordid and not to be acceptable in any form. We hoping people will take note of this.

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