Angeli will get an organic diet while in custody court said.

Jake Angeli, the shirtless man who raged the Capitol with many others last Wednesday, would not eat while in prison unless if authorities obliged his all-organic diet.

Source: Fox News

Angeli, whose actual name is Jacob Anthony Chansley, was seen in photographs and recordings partaking in the January 6 Capitol riots, taking pictures at the Senate dais and wandering through the building holding a bull horn. He wore a hide cap with bull horns and sported red, white, and blue face paint.

Five individuals lost their lives in the Capitol riots, including a Capitol cop who sustained injuries while reacting to the uproar.

Source: Fox News

While the information on Angeli’s arrest and confinement is becoming a hot topic on the internet, one insight concerning his dietary limitations sent social media into a craze.

According to the Arizona Republic Angeli’s first hearing with Judge Deborah Fine, his public protector uncovered that Angeli had not eaten since his arrest on Friday. The public defender said Angeli, 33, had a limited diest yet didn’t know whether it was for religious reasons.

Martha Chansley, Angeli’s mom, addressed correspondents outside the town hall and offered more insights regarding her child declining to eat while in prison. “He gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food. He needs to eat,” she said.

Source: Fox News

On Monday, David Gonzales, US Marshal for the District of Arizona, told neighborhood news station KNXV that “We will abide by the judge’s order” and give food that obliges his organic diet.

Angeli was trolled for declining to eat non-natural food while in prison. “Organic” started to trend on Twitter following news on Angeli’s hearing Monday night, and individuals overflowed the social media stage with their responses.

Here is how twitter reacted to this news:

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