A woman went on Twitter to share her experience on gender-inclusive bathrooms and people gave mixed reaction

The world is changing very fast in deep we do not know whether this speed will stop or not, but individuals in the U.S. have been quarreling about gender-neutral public restrooms for quite a long time – and they have mixed opinions. Some believe that it causes them to feel awkward, while others say that it gives security and inclusivity to all. Twitter user @MaryBear_ went on the platform to impart her views and experience with gender-neutral public restrooms and individuals in the comments had mixed responses.

The lady said that she was in the restroom, and two men came in while she was going out and that their presence and the way they were using the restrooms made her feel a little uncomfortable.

I used a gender neutral bathroom today and two men came in while I was washing my hands. Man#1, didn’t care and used the bathroom in front of me. Man#2 waited outside the bathroom till i left after seeing me inside. I thanked man#2 for respecting my privacy. I felt so violated.

And this is how people started giving their reactions to her tweet

While some people supported her as well:

People in the comments felt the OP missed the point of gender-neutral bathrooms altogether

One said: The issue I have is what type of bathroom it was. Most GN bathrooms I’ve seen are for one person at a time. If someone walked in while I was

A second one added: was it a gender neutral bathroom with stalls or without? Barging into the latter is violating but she also forgot to lock the door.

While a third one said: Give us gender neutral bathrooms, but men shouldn’t use them if women are present? Micro-aggression against my bladder! Feeling violated here

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