A woman asked to leave the aircraft for wearing a crop top

An Alaskan lady says she was thrown out from a flight in light of the fact that a flight attendant thought her tank top was ‘inappropriate’.

Beam Lin Howard, also famous by the name of Fat Trophy Wife, recorded her experience on an Alaska Airlines trip on August 4, in which she said she was escorted off by security because of her decision of outfit.

She posted her video to TikTok, where it went viral and was watched by more than 1.3 million people and received thousands of comments.

Take a look at the video first:


@Alaska Airlines Flight attendant harassed and called the airport police on me for my inappropriate outfit. #bbw #plussize #plussizeedition #bbws #fyp

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The video starts with Howard being escorted off the plane into a room with cops, who ask her what occurred. ‘I was harassed about my outfit. I put my shirt back on,’ she says.

When cops asked more about the incident to her she said: ‘I had this on, they asked me to put my shirt on, I put the shirt back on, and then they approached me again, saying that I can’t wear this, my stomach is showing and it’s inappropriate,’

Howard defended her garments, saying she was concealed. She told the airline steward to simply kick her off if that’s what she wanted to do because she’d already done what she’d been asked and they approached her three times. ‘That is the reason you were called, along these lines,’ she says.

Several people reacted to this incident:

One said: he sounds so nervous because he knows 15.8K they were wrong

A second one added: it’s because you’re a bigger girl! This is NOT okay! They need to just say that. I wore a crop top throughout the airport and on the plane and no one

While a third one said: okay if this is not a rule or policy of the airline then u can one thousand percent sue them for discrimination

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