A whopping $27k raised for the waitress who saved an abused boy by passing a note

More than $32K (£24,000) has been raised for a real life ‘hero’ working as a waitress in a restaurant located in Florida. She saved an old boy from his abusive parents by secretly giving him a note, asking if he needs any help.

Credit: Orlando Police Department

The boy aged, 11, arrived in the Mrs. Potato restaurant in Orlando where the waitress Flaviane Carvalho works, she observed that he was malnourished and the whole body was covered in bruise marks, signs of probable abuse and battering. So, she sneakily showed him a note for help when his mom and

The police seem sure that the correct action might have saved the kid from near certain homicide. One senior officer reported the boy’s abuse as more in the category of ‘torture’ and described in detail the horrific allegations against his parents.

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After the incident, the manager of the restaurant had created a  GoFundMe page  for Carvalho after many good Samaritans wanted to give some contribution to properly thank her heroic actions. It quickly cracked the $10k (£7,359) target and went way passed the $27k mark on 16 th January. The total contribution now stands at more than $32k.

However, for the waitress, she is just happy knowing that the boy is in safe hands. She told that to her what she did was something normal, natural so she never thought about that. She is glad because now the boy is safe and she hopes people use this fact to be courageous to step up when someone is in need.

Police have also confirmed that a trust account has been set up for the children involved in the case.

Credit: Orlando Police Department

Manager Rafaela Cabede, commented on the GoFundMe page, “Kindness is not something that necessarily needs to be rewarded. That being said, any support will always be welcomed and greatly appreciated, especially for someone that works in one of the industries most affected by the pandemic, restaurants.”

The stepdad of the boy, Timothy Wilson has been charged with multiple counts of child abuse and child neglect, while the mom Kristen Swann has been charged with two counts of child neglect for reportedly knowing of the abuse but failing to intervene and seek medical care for her battered son.

Credit: Orlando Police Department

Police Chief, Orlando, Rolón told local TV channel WESH 2 News that they probably would have been talking about a potential homicide investigation if she [Carvalho] had not intervened when she did.

An Orlando Police Detective Erin Lawler added that the boy was underweight and had bruises on his arms, and even on his eyelids and earlobes.

At a press conference, she said: “If Ms Carvalho would not have said something when she saw it, that little boy would probably not be with us much longer and ‘abuse,’ I say lightly. It was torture, to be completely honest, that this child had received at the hands of his stepfather.”

The boy reported that he’d been tied up by his ankles and hung from a door, as well as being beaten with a broom, fists, and a back scratcher. In addition to that, he was being handcuffed to a moving dolly.

Credit: Orlando Police Department

Carvalho’s suspicions were roused not just by the boy’s injuries, but also by this weird fact that he was not provided any food at the restaurant while his parents kept eating. Upon enquiries, she was informed that he would be served his supper once they get back home.

It was later found out that his parents would starve him for long stretches of time and force him to do strenuous activities as punishment. Rolón finally concluded his statement to the press by saying, “That child was destined to be killed. That’s how severe the injuries were. That’s how horrific the recollection of the abuse the child shared with us was.”

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