A PS5 for $450 sold by a scammer to a disabled woman and never sent it, so she decides to mess up his life as a lesson

We all know how difficult it has been to get our hands on the new PlayStation 5 since its release. So if someone really wants to possess the console, they become open to all kinds of opportunities. Desperate times call for desperate efforts.

An artist Brittany Everette, did nothing different too. She pursued one chance that presented itself on Twitter. Or at least she believed it did. “This guy … reached out to me saying he was selling his PS5 digital edition that his fiancé gifted him because it was the wrong version. He was selling it at the regular price too,” Everette tweeted.

She was skeptical at first obviously but he seemed genuine, so she agreed to a 50% down payment and the rest 50% on arrival. And that’s when she realized she was being scammed.

The woman never had any personal such interactions with scammers before this experience. So for someone without any “street smartness”, but Brittany still did amazing!

She revealed that the reaction her thread has received was really supportive. “I had no idea my story would reach this many people. The amount of love and positivity has been truly incredible.”

However, she got her money back, Brittany still haven’t acquired a PS5. “I’ve tried every restock at Target, Walmart, Amazon, GameStop, Sony, and Best Buy with no luck,” she explained. “Bots buy entire stocks out within seconds then resell them for over $1,000. I really want one, but it’s starting to seem impossible (this is me asking if Sony wants to send me a PS5 digital edition).”

Not surprisingly, she isn’t alone in this situation. Sony has created one of the hot selling gadgets of recent years in the PlayStation 5, but its launch has been ruined by scalpers who are buying up such scarce gadgets and threatening the longevity of the company’s health, most importantly the product.

Scalpers, who buy the PS5 at retail price and then resell at a higher price, have long posed a challenge in the gaming business. But the problem currently is much bigger due to the corona virus which has squeezed production and pushed more console sales to go online where scalpers are able to use sophisticated bots to buy up the PlayStation 5 (and the new Microsoft Xbox).

These bots consistently observe online stores for changes in inventory and supplies, then automatically place orders and check out in seconds as soon the goods become available.

Source: BoredPanda

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