A pet tiger on the loose was filmed roaming around a West Houston neighborhood on Sunday

An accidentally escaped pet tiger was captured on camera as it wandered through a Houston neighborhood Sunday night before its owner hauled it back inside and then bundled it into his Jeep and escaped as police showed up on the scene.

Panicked residents recorded the huge feline wandering uninhibitedly in Ivy Wall Drive, in West Houston, at around 8pm.

Take a look at the video below:

The tiger seems to be a pet and is seen wearing a restraint in the 54-second video footage posted to social media. While the territory of Texas has exceptionally loosened up laws on ownership of animals like tigers, is illicit to keep a tiger in the city of Houston.

Houston PD representative Victor Senties told the DailyMail.com that officials were called to the scene, however, the owner escaped in a white Jeep Cherokee.

Police sought after the vehicle for a short time through West Houston losing sight of it as it drove west on Memorial Drive. People with the city’s Major Offenders Division are currently chasing for the owner.

In the video, an off-duty Waller County Sheriff’s deputy who lives in the area is seen pointing his weapon at the tiger as it stalks towards him.

In the video you can see a woman saying:There is a freaking Bengal tiger roaming in this yard and this dude needs to be careful, What the heck? Why is there a tiger?’  

The recording, posted online on Sunday evening, shows pickup trucks and different vehicles attempting to obstruct the tiger in to keep it from getting away.

The individual catching the recording, which has been seen by more than 750,000 by Monday morning, makes a run for it when the tiger gets excessively close.

At last, an individual appears (the owner of the tiger) from a house saying and can be heard saying: ‘I’ll get him, I’ll get him.’

The man picked the creature by the collar and takes it back into a house. Get the f** back inside. F**k you and your f**king tiger,’ another man can be heard shouting at him.


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