A mother becomes internet sensation for saying ‘kids don’t owe their parents anything’

The word is changing very fast in deep I do not know whether this speed will stop or not, but there is no doubt to say that millennial guardians are the most self-aware generation of parents so far.

One mother recently became a web sensation on TikTok for getting down on the manipulative parenting techniques of past ages, and she totally nails it in the most interesting, sincerely keen way.

South Carolina housewife Lisa Pontius frequently shares her parenting speculations and procedures on TikTok, however, one video specifically receiving a lot of attention. It’s named “Kids Don’t Owe Their Parents Anything.” And you should watch it.

Source: Tiktok

Take a look at the video first:

In the TikTok video, Lisa tends to addresses criticism she got because as an adult, she’s defined limits with her own mom. The commentator said she ought to be “appreciative” of all that her mom has accomplished for her for the duration of her life.

Source: Instagram

In response to this Lisa says: “Children don’t owe their parents a certain kind of relationship, and depending on the parent, they might not owe them respect, either [once children grow up],”

Why? Since kids don’t have agency. They didn’t decide to come into this world.

Source: Instagram

Lisa further added: “It’s a parent’s job to provide for their children, It’s a responsibility. Not everyone rises to the occasion, but that’s like the bare minimum, taking care of your kid’s physical and financial needs. The level above that is their emotional needs, which good parents do, but all of that is not a contingent relationship. You’re not loving and providing for your children with the expectation that they will blindly obey and do whatever you say as adults.”

This received mixed reactions from people all around the world

One said: Children automatically love and respect 5105 their parents. You have to be pretty awful to lose that and most def deserve.

A second one added: I heard once that “people who set boundaries are trying to maintain a relationship instead of walking away” and some parents need to understand this

A third one said: 100% agree! And From my experience older generations really struggle to understand this. They’ll maintain toxic relationships just be they’re “family”

While a fourth one said: Psychologists also say when you threaten the roof over your head you’re literally threatening to take away that sense of safety, which makes kids think your love is conditional, and is a totally abusive behaviour to get them to act how you want

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