A Man From Germany Sets A World Record For Having Most Body Modifications.

Rolf Buchholz has recently set a Guinness World Record for the possessing most number of body modifications. Buccholz has more than 516 body modifications and according to him, the changes wouldn’t stop and there are more alterations are still to be done.

Source: robuchholz
Source: robuchholz

What’s interesting is that the whole journey of body modifications started at the age of 40 when Buchholz got his first tattoo and piercing! According to the Guinness World Records, he works in the Department of Information Technology for a telecoms company in Germany. The man had set another Guinness world record in 2010 for the most number of body piercings. Currently, his body has 453 piercings, tattoos, and sub-dermal implants.

The man is now difficult to recognize with multiple piercings along his lips, eyebrows, nose, and even two small horns on his forehead.

When asked about the changes, Buchholz said, “The body modifications have changed only the outside. It’s changed not me. I’m the same person.”

Source: robuchholz

In an incident at Dubai airport in 2014 that brought the public’s attention to Buccholz. Rolf was returned from the airport when he landed there on his way to a hotel appearance.

Buccholz has recently gained attention again after his videos were shared by the Guinness World Records on their social media channels.

Source: robuchholz

Take a look at the video below:

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