A little girl was bitten by a snake at petting zoo

This is the frightening second a little lady being bitten by a venomous snake on the face at a petting zoo. Viktoria, five, and her mom visited the Butterfly Park in Yekaterinburg, Russia when the occurrence occurred.

In a video shared by Russian media E1.Ru, staff individuals can be seen putting a little white snake around her neck.

First, take a look at the video below:

Source: E1.ru

Little Viktoria anxiously remains in the room as she watches the reptile moving its head near her face. She then, at that point resiles in distress as the snake sinks its teeth on her jaw before a staff part removes the reptile.

Staff members were seen placing a snake around Viktoria's neck
Source: E1.ru

The name of the name was a hook-snouted rufous beaked snake from East Africa, as per reports. Also, it isn’t considered perilous to people however the young lady was taken to a clinic for treatment.

On this incident her father: “I went to pick up my wife and children, and they told me my daughter was bitten by a snake. We called an ambulance and took the child to hospital to be examined.”

He was told by the Zoo authorities said that the snake “does not attack people at all” and it most likely happened in light of the fact that Viktoria had contacted the chickens previously and that the snake found the scent.

Viktoria was in distress when the staff tried to pull the snake away from her face
Source: E1.ru

A snake expert said: Snakes are very sensitive to smell. If it was hungry, and the girl smelled of prey like chicks this might provoke the snake to bite her.”

The bite resembled a needle prick, and the venom was not strong. She called for petting zoos to be banned

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