A lady confronted her neighbor about a ‘Winnie the Pooh’ flag on her porch because so did not like the flag

A TikTok video is going viral which shows a lady named a “neighborhood Karen” moving toward another lady’s door to say she didn’t like a flag outside her home with the “Winnie the Pooh” character Tigger.

Take a look at the video first:

The video was posted Saturday by the TikTok user Tayler Bishop (@tizzybizzy92), who likewise goes by the “stage name” Ambrosia. The video went viral and received more than 1.1 million likes and 10.5 million views on TikTok. The video was captured from a security camera.

“I want to talk about this Tigger flag. I don’t like it,” the lady, whom Bishop calls a “neighborhood Karen” in the subtitle, said in the video. The lady proceeded to say the area had some rules yet she would not like to “have to go find out what they are.” When Bishop reacted that the area wasn’t under a property holders’ association, the lady said “there’s rules for the community” and emphasized that she didn’t like the flag.

“It makes it look tacky, makes the neighborhood look tacky,” the lady said.

In a subsequent video, Bishop showed what she said was the flag the lady was griping about.

“So this was the offensive flag,” she said, showing an image of a teal flag with the character holding a flower. “Yes, it is Tigger from ‘Winnie the Pooh.'”

Several people reacted to this incident:

One said: OK, let me get this straight. People hang decorative flags in their gardens, in their yards, all year long but your Tigger flag is a problem? I think she has a different problem she’s not really voicing.

A second one added: Wait… she’s complaining about… a Tigger flag?? A TIGGER FLAG????
Who tf complains about Tigger? He’s literally the coolest, happiest, bestest animal in Hundred Acre Wood. I’m dying rn

While a third one said: I don’t live in your house, I don’t pay the taxes of your house, but I want that flag removed because I don’t like it.
The amount of self entitlement that woman displays is astonishing.

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